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Latest news
  • May 2020 - Towards a “smart spatialization” for the economic regeneration of Wallonia?
    A team of researchers from ECOGEO and Lepur have prepared a new issue of the CRISP “Courrier hebdomadaire”. Its title is: The economic redeployment of Wallonia in the face of the diversity of its territories

  • December 2019 – Two Ph.D. presentations
    Two Ph.D thesis were presented at the end of this year! In November, Jean-Pierre Messina has presented his dissertation on the urban expansion of Kinshasa. This Ph.D defence was held in front of a Congolese audience at the University of Kinshasa. In November, it was the turn of Perrine Dethier to present her Ph.D dissertation developed thanks to the Simcity-valuecap JPI Urban Europe project.

  • August 2018 - Exhibition at Brussels' Centre for Fine Arts (BOZAR)
    Jean-Marie Halleux's PhD dissertation is exposed with other scientific works on outskirts developments in the context of the exhibition "Horizontal Metropolis: a radical project" presented this summer at the Brussels' Centre for Fine Arts (BOZAR).

  • December 2017 - Ph.D. presentation
    Christophe Breuer has presented his Ph.D. research on the 19th of December. Christophe’s research was about the spatiality of governance in European urban regions. The dissertation is available on ORBI

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