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Scientific and academic staff

Bruno Bianchet BIANCHET Bruno - Researcher
M.Sc. Geography (ULiege, 1986), B.A. Economics (ULiege, 1991), Ph.D. Geography (ULiege, 1996)

Bruno Bianchet has a background in geography and in economics. He has conducted various researches on retail geography, including his PhD thesis dedicated to the Brussels’ retail property market. Since 2002, he works as private consultant in areas of economic geography and spatial planning. He is currently involved in the CPDT research program through the LEPUR research centre.
Christophe Breuer BREUER Christophe - Researcher and Lecturer (Maître de conférence)
M.Sc. Geography (ULiege, 2007), M.A.Sc. Urban and Regional Planning (ULiege, 2008), Ph.D. Geography (ULiege, 2017)

Christophe has previously been working as a teaching assistant for ECOGEO and for the formation of urban planners (Department ArGenCo). He completed a doctoral thesis on the relationships between urban governance and the regional development of second-tier cities in Europe. Christophe currently works as an advisor to the ULiege Rectoral College, while continuing his involvement in the research and education activities of ECOGEO.
Guénaël Devillet DEVILLET Guénaël - Lecturer (Maître de conférence)
M.Sc. Geography (ULiege, 1996), M.A.Sc. Urban and Regional Planning (ULiege, 1998), Ph.D. Geography (ULiege, 2009)

Guénaël Devillet has developed an expertise in the domain of retail geography and geomarketing. His Ph.D. thesis was dedicated to the expansion strategies of retail chains. He is director of the SEGEFA, where he leads and supervises applied studies in areas such as the location of economic activities, impact studies and territorial intelligence.
Jean-Marie Halleux HALLEUX Jean-Marie - Head of unit (Directeur scientifique), Professor (Professeur)
M.Sc. Geography (ULiege, 1993), Ph.D. Geography (ULiege, 2005)

Jean-Marie Halleux has studied geography in Liege and Leeds. His main research interests concern the relationships between territorial issues and economic mechanisms. He has widely published on this topic, both in English and French. His doctoral research was consecrated at the spatial structure of residential land markets. He has been involved in several European research programs where he developed an expertise in international comparisons.
Hubert Maldague MALDAGUE Hubert - Research and teaching assistant
M.Sc. Geography (ULiege, 2014), M.A.Sc. Urban and Regional Planning (ULiege, 2016)

Hubert Maldague is working as a research assistant for the CPDT research program through the LEPUR research centre. He is also involved part-time in ECOGEO as a teaching assistant.
Bernadette Mérenne-Schoumaker MÉRENNE-SCHOUMAKER Bernadette - Professor (Professeur ordinaire honoraire)
M.Sc. Geography (ULiege, 1966), Ph.D. Geography (ULiege, 1974)

Bernadette Mérenne-Schoumaker was Head of ECOGEO from 1988-2009. Since her retirement, she remains an active member. Professor Mérenne’s main research interest lies in the location of economic activities, initially in the field of industries and afterwards on retail and services to firms. Her recent researches covers subject such as the location of economic activities in relation to metropolization and polycentrism and the Geography of natural resources and raw materials. Beyond the domain of economic geography, Bernadette Mérenne-Schoumaker is also committed to pedagogical reflections.
Hélène Rouchet ROUCHET Hélène - Teaching assistant and Ph.D. student
M.Sc. Geography (ULiege, 2006), M.Sc. Didactic formation in Geography (ULiege, 2007)

Hélène is working as a teaching assistant for LMG-ULiège (didactic formation in geography). She is currently conducting doctoral studies about the influence of local planners on the elected public representatives and the related formation of those planners. Hélène is also active in the UniGR-Center for Border Studies where she is involved in the Working Group Spatial Planning.
WILMOTTE Pierre-François WILMOTTE Pierre-François - Researcher, Ph.D. student
M.Sc. Geography (ULiege, 2014), M.A.Sc. Urban and Regional Planning (ULiege, 2016)

Pierre-François Wilmotte previously worked for the CPDT research program. He is currently conducting a doctoral research on territorial resources thanks to a Ph.D. grant by IWEPS (Institut Wallon de l’Évaluation, de la Prospective et de la Statistique). Territorial resources are the specific features of the territories that affect the ability of companies to develop their business. His project will deal with businesses located in Wallonia, with the objective to help the regional government in its economic development policy.
Fatma Zemzeme ZEMZEME Fatma - Ph.D. student
M.A. Spatial planning (University of Carthage, Tunisia, 2016)

Fatma has a background in spatial planning from the University of Carthage (ENAU – École Nationale d’Architecture et d’Urbanisme) in Tunisia. She is working on a Ph.D. under the supervision of Jean-Marie Halleux and Najem Dhaher (University of Carthage). Her research is on the interactions between formal and informal land markets in the outskirts of Tunis.

Support staff

  COLLARD Jessica - Secretary
SMETS Daniel - Technician

Honorary staff

  ACKAET Joël - Scientific collaborator
COLIN Serge - Scientific collaborator
COLLIN Denis - Scientific collaborator
DOLOREUX David - Invited professor
GROUX Annette - Invited professor
MARCINCZAK Szymon - Invited professor
VAN DER KRABBEN Erwin - Invited professor

Past members

Perrine Dethier DETHIER Perrine - Researcher, Ph.D. student
M.Sc. Geography (ULiege, 2012), M.A.Sc. Urban and Regional Planning (ULiege, 2013)

After having worked for the CPDT research program Perrine has realized a Ph.D thanks to the European project Simcity-valuecap. Her research represented an application of the game theory in spatial planning. Perinne has left ECOGEO to develop spatial planning projects at Liege Europe Metropole.
Josselin Dupont DUPONT Josselin
B.A. Geography (University of Rennes II, 1986), M.Sc. Geography (University of Strasbourg, 2004), Ph.D. Geography (ULiege and University of Rennes II, 2014)

Josselin has a background in geography and urban planning from the universities of Rennes II and Strasburg. He has realized his Ph.D. under the supervision of Jean-Marie Halleux and Guy Baudelle (University of Rennes II). His dissertation has been presented on the 6th of November 2014. Josselin’s Ph.D. is available on ORBi.
Jean-Pierre Messina MESSINA Jean-Pierre - Researcher, Ph.D. student
M.Sc. Physics (University of Dschang, Cameroon, 2012), M.Sc. Forestry (University of Dschang, Cameroon, 2014)

Jean-Pierre Messina has developed a Ph.D. in the context of the Central Africa PACODEL’s platform based in Kinshasa. His research was dealing with the theme of periurbanisation with a focus on the spatial efficiency of land uses in Kinshasa’s outskirts.
Julie Strée STRÉE Julie
M.Sc. Geography (ULiege, 2010)

Julie has been involved in CPDT research program, where she has conducted a project on housing developments in Belgium and Wallonia. She had previously been working for the SEGEFA on the Habitreg Interreg project.
She has left ECOGEO to become projects coordinator in the Provincial Coordination Association for Local Authorities ("Coordination provinciale des pouvoirs locaux").
Vincent Vanderheyden VANDERHEYDEN Vincent
M.Sc. Geography (ULiege, 2003), Ph.D. Geography (ULiege, 2016)

Vincent has been working as a teaching assistant for ECOGEO during his Ph.D. research for LAPLEC. His Ph.D. was about the social attitudes towards the landscape impact of wind energy parks in Belgium. Vincent has left the University of Liege to become professor (Maître-assistant) at the Charlemagne High School (Haute École).
Marie-Caroline Vandermeer VANDERMEER Marie-Caroline
M.Sc. Geography (ULiege, 2010), M.A.Sc. Urban and Regional Planning (ULiege, 2012), Ph.D. Geography (ULiege, 2016)

Marie-Caroline has firstly been working as a teaching assistant for ECOGEO. Thanks to a CPDT Ph.D. grant, she has realized her doctoral research on the relationships between regional competitiveness and the problem of business real estate in Wallonia. Marie-Caroline has left ECOGEO to become in charge of the territorial development Unit of the Walloon Brabant province (Province du Brabant wallon).
Christelle Viaud-Mouclier VIAUD-MOUCLIER Christelle
B.A. Geography and Spatial planning (University Paris-Créteil, 1999), M.A. Political Sciences (University Paris-Est, 2001), M.A. European Studies (Europa Universität Viadrina, 2004), M.A. Management of International Affairs (CESCI, 2005)

Christelle has been involved in several European projects for both SEGEFA and ECOGEO. She has been involved in the Interreg project Value added where her research focused on the transaction-cost analysis of green infrastructure development. She has left ECOGEO to become coordinator for European projects in the Public Service of Wallonia (DG Waterways).
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