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  • May 2020 - Towards a “smart spatialization” for the economic regeneration of Wallonia?
    A team of researchers from ECOGEO and Lepur have prepared a new issue of the CRISP “Courrier hebdomadaire”. Its title is: The economic redeployment of Wallonia in the face of the diversity of its territories

  • December 2019 – Two Ph.D. presentations
    Two Ph.D thesis were presented at the end of this year! In November, Jean-Pierre Messina has presented his dissertation on the urban expansion of Kinshasa. This Ph.D defence was held in front of a Congolese audience at the University of Kinshasa. In November, it was the turn of Perrine Dethier to present her Ph.D dissertation developed thanks to the Simcity-valuecap JPI Urban Europe project.

  • August 2018 - Exhibition at Brussels' Centre for Fine Arts (BOZAR)
    Jean-Marie Halleux's PhD dissertation is exposed with other scientific works on outskirts developments in the context of the exhibition "Horizontal Metropolis: a radical project" presented this summer at the Brussels' Centre for Fine Arts (BOZAR).

  • December 2017 - Ph.D. presentation
    Christophe Breuer has presented his Ph.D. research on the 19th of December. Christophe’s research was about the spatiality of governance in European urban regions. The dissertation is available on ORBI

  • October 2016 - New Ph.D. research
    Pierre-François Wilmotte was nominated for a Ph.D. grant by IWEPS (Institut Wallon de l’Évaluation, de la Prospective et de la Statistique). His research relates to the topic of territorial resources. Territorial resources are the specific features of the territories that affect the ability of companies to develop their business. His project will deal with businesses located in Wallonia, with the objective to help the regional government in its economic development policy.

  • January 2016 - Ph.D. presentation
    Marie-Caroline Vandermeer has presented her Ph.D. on the 14th of January. This work on the industrial land policy in Wallonia is available on ORBi

  • December 2015 - New book
    Jan Bogaert and Jean-Marie Halleux have edited the book "Territoires périurbains. Développement, enjeux et perspectives dans les pays du Sud" at the Presses agronomiques de Gembloux.

  • June 2015 - Best paper APERAU Prize
    J.-M. Halleux and M.-C. Vandermeer received the APERAU Prize 2015 for the best paper with "The impact of mobility management by Walloon companies on commuting".

  • May 2015 - Best Master Thesis Award
    P.-F. Wilmotte (directed by J.-M. Halleux) has received the "best master thesis prize" of the Walloon Foundation Pierre-Marie et Jean-François Humblet for his thesis on the Spatial organization of Walloon clusters. Toward a new economic geography of Walloon area ?.

  • March 2015 - New Ph.D. research
    Jean-Pierre Messina was nominated for a University of Liege Ph.D. Grant. His research will be developed in the context of the Central Africa PACODEL’s platform based in Kinshasa. Jean-Pierre will work on the spatial efficiency of land uses in Kinshasa’s outskirts.

  • Novembre 2014 - Ph.D. presentation
    The Ph.D. of Josselin Dupont was presented in Rennes on the 6th of November. This work on land policy in Britany was developed thanks to a cotutelle with the University of Rennes 2. Josselin’s work is available on ORBi

  • Novembre 2014 - New project for PUCA
    In collaboration with the University of Sheffield (Department of Town and Regional Planning), ECOGEO is working for PUCA, a French inter-ministerial organization aiming to coordinate various research programs on urban development, construction and architecture. The developed project is dealing with the soft densification of peripheral suburban spaces.

  • October 2014 - International project "SimsCity ValueCap"
    SimsCity ValueCap (Simulations for Innovative Mechanisms for the Selforganizing City: testing new tools for Value Capturing) is a new international research project developed with Radboud University Nijmegen, the University of Liverpool and the Norwegian University of Life Sciences. This project is financed through the JPI Urban Europe. It aims to develop innovative development strategies and tools that promote and stimulate urban regeneration.

  • July 2013 - J.-M. Halleux appointed Chairman of Lepur
    The University of Liege Board has decided to appoint Jean-Marie Halleux Chairman of Lepur. Lepur (The Research Centre on Territorial, Urban and Rural Sciences) brings together research units and researchers specialising in the field of territorial and urban development at the University of Liège.

  • July 2012 - Flexibility is key to managing urban sprawl
    DG Environment of the European Union has published a news based on the paper "The adaptive efficiency of land use planning measured by the control of urban sprawl" (2012) written by Halleux, J-M., Marcinczak, S. & van der Krabben, E.

  • May 2012 - Launch of the Interreg project Value added
    The Interreg project Value added aims to demonstrate how cities can best integrate bottom-up and top-down approach in the development of green infrastructures. In this project, the main task of ECOGEO will be to compare different institutional arrangements based on the theory of the transaction costs.

  • February 2012 - Structuration spatiale des marchés fonciers et étalement urbain
    Jean-Marie Halleux has published "Structuration spatiale des marchés fonciers et étalement urbain" at the Editions Universitaires Européennes.

  • November 2011 - New PhD research
    Marie-Caroline Vandermeer's project was nominated for a PhD grant by CPDT. Her research relates to the relationship between regional competitiveness and the problem of business real estate in Wallonia. Her work aims to provide insights into the conditions for regional development through the adequate provision of economic estates, industrial buildings and commercial units.

  • October 2011 - Localisation des industries
    The fifth edition of B. Mérenne-Schoumaker's textbook "Localisation des industries" has been published by Rennes university press (PUR).

  • September 2011 - Le développement territorial en Europe. Concepts, enjeux et débats
    G. Baudelle, C. Guy and B. Mérenne-Schoumaker published "Le développement territorial en Europe. Concepts, enjeux et débats".

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